Monday, April 6, 2015


I love spring for so many reasons!  The weather is nicer, the kids are almost done with another year of school.  GENERAL CONFERENCE!  Here are some of the things we've been up to this spring...

Maggie and Will locked themselves in the bathroom and when I found them the toilet had just stopped flushing.  I asked Maggie what they had put down it to which she replied "Everything!"  Luckily after a quick plunge the toilet was back to normal.

Soccer! (Donnie and his friend Alex)

We ripped up the carpet in the dining room and put down some laminate flooring that Costco had on sale!  We love the laminate!

Someone was giving away a huge box of matchbox cars so we picked them up.  The kids have spent plenty of time playing with them!

Mandy and Kenzie buried a time capsule at the bottom of the stairs out front.  I have no idea what's in it but I think it's super clever and funny that they wanted to bury one out there.

Little Donnie came home with a list of all the library books he has over due.  These last two are still on the lamb.  He found the other SIX!

Maggie and Will's idea of crafting.

Lyssa decided that the toilet could be replaced by the shower...yuck!  Side note....she never peed in the shower while showering, only randomly during the day instead of using the toilet that is 2 feet away.

Another birthday request from Lyssa.  She saw this Trifle recipe on the back of the brownie mix box and added it to her wish list.

Will grew out of his size 2 clothes and fits nicely in his size 3's!

Will realized how cool it was to spit milk out instead of drinking it...

We came home after indoor park on Friday to see a deer eating the grass by the garbage can.  The kids watched her for quite a while before we went inside.

Mandy has been having trouble with being left out by her peers.  There have a been a few parties, etc, that she has not been invited to.  It's been very difficult for her but instead of sulking she decided to make a tea party with her sisters. 

Lyssa wants cookies with all these shapes for her birthday!

She would also like cinnamon rolls for her birthday party!

Laundry Day...

Maggie found Little D's brand new bottle of body wash and emptied the entire thing into the carpet...I still haven't gotten it out yet.  I think we may just tear up the carpet.

Maggie and Will emptied three containers of water onto the floor and then tried to clean it up with one small dish towel.

Will decided that shredding his pop tart was far more fun than eating it!


Laundry Day...success!

Quiet Time!