Saturday, August 30, 2014

Gettin Ready for School...(and other stuff).

Got this in the mail the other day as a surprise gift from someone, SO awesome.  I {heart} Gilmore Girls!

Been slowly teaching the boy to tie his shoes, I think he's getting it.  I swear I knew in kindergarten but with all the velcro and slip-ons nowadays it seems a lost art.  At least he'll know by the time he starts 1st grade.

I was out running errands the other day (trying to get the kids' registration stuff done and got a call from Donnie (on our friend Brent's cell phone).  He'd lost his phone and couldn't find it.  I used the most wonderful tool of all time (for reals) "find my iphone" and was able to locate it (on the back of the top of the business suburban of all places)!

In a continuing effort to be ready for school starting next week, the kids and I sorted and organized all of the bins of clothes in the basement, and the dressers, and the closets.  This first picture is the stack of things we took to the thrift store and the next picture is our finished stack of bins downstairs.  Here's to clothing six kids on a budget!

Mandy picking out and trying the combo on her first locker.  I officially have a middle schooler, so exciting!

Donnie finally got to go out and spend the birthday money that had been burning a hole in his pocket!

Our friends are out of town so we got to have their kids over for a few days.  Legos...legos...legos....

Will eating his strawberry germade with fresh blueberries!

And, last but not least, the result of all the clothes sorting...a damaged tendon.  Feels great as long as I don't move my thumb or wrist.  Nothing a few weeks in a brace can't fix.


Mandy has spent a lot if time lately designing dresses out of scarves. Lyssa loves modeling for her. 

Monday, August 25, 2014


Some random pictures from my phone...

Mandy pickled some beets...yum!

Will helping clean under the couch.  He is not opposed to eating stale cocoa puffs...gross!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Poor Tanner.

Tanner had to get a tumor removed today from his boy area. He should be just fine but will certainly never be a dad. Poor Tanner. He is doing great, snoozing in his kennel in his cone. 

The Slough.

With sun and 70 degrees in the forecast we knew we would spend the day outside. We played at the slough for 3 hours with friends. Mandy Kenzie and Donnie all jumped off the bridge multiple times and afterward spent time catching frogs. It was the perfect way to spend the day. 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Happy 7th Baby D!

To start off the day Donnie got a $1 gold coin from the tooth fairy and then came and snuggled in bed with Mom and Dad and looked at pictures from his past birthday's on Mom's phone.

Donnie then got to go fishing all day with Dad!

For dinner, per Donnie's request, we had barbecued chicken and steak, white rice, homemade bread, and fresh veggies.

Mandy made Donnie some bracelets and gave him $2, such a thoughtful sister!

At 6pm Donnie had Alex, Lucas, and Seth over.  They opened presents, jumped on the trampoline, had Donnie's request of brownies and ice cream, and then played video games.

Donnie got a card full of money from Nana, Popop, and Uncle Sam shortly after Grandma and Grandpa O'Neal called with a cash gift and Donnie exclaimed "I think I'm rich now!"  We will have some downtown shopping to do tomorrow!