Thursday, January 7, 2016

Bath Time.

YaYa was sick a few days ago and needed a bath. Now she's all fluffy and smells so good!


Mandy led Family Home Evening a month or so ago and talked about how important our words are.  She then put identical rice into two separate jars.  Since then we have speaking nicely to the love rice and saying only mean/hurtful things to the hate rice.  The hate rice is now moldy and disgusting and the love rice is still white and fluffy.  So interesting.

Homemade Bagels.

Happy New Year!


Got a text from Mandy asking me to let her out of the mudroom.  Maggie and Will emptied half our bucket of sand (for the ice) on the carpet and when Mandy caught them they ran away and locked the door behind them.  hahaha!