Saturday, May 16, 2015


What a beautiful Mayfest weekend. On Friday I went downtown with the little kids while the older ones were still in school and we had fun enjoying the festivities. After school was the parade. Mandy, Kenzie, and Donnie danced in costume in the parade and Lyssa, Maggie and Will watched and collected candy. After, we got cotton candy for the kids to support  the young women. They were selling it to earn money for a future temple trip. 

This morning Kenzie ran the 7k with her friend Amanda. Kenzie came in second in her age group. Donnie rode his bike in the biking division and finished first with a time of 23 minutes. I biked with Donnie just for fun. My knee is still pretty stiff but biking was fun.

Today was also the pageant. Donnie got to dance in it for the first time.  Mayfest is such a fun time!


Maggie and Will got into Mandy's room and spread hand sanitizer and toothpaste on each other. Will got the worst of it in his hair. 


We tore the carpet out of the living room and are getting it ready for laminate. So excited!


Maggie's favorite thing to do is sit in front of the heater and play with her toys all by herself. It's so cute!

When we were playing outside she came out with her swimsuit on backwards. She didn't see any problem with it and didn't want me to change it. 


Will discovered the chicken feed in the garage the other day and had a grand old time playing in it. 


Donnie turned around and ran right into a plate Kenzie had just cleared from the table and got a black eye. 

He also took these two camping mats and put them in his legs and then pretended to be a transformer. So clever!


My one Mother's Day request was to camp with the kids. We went out to the lodge, cooked hot dogs and s'mores, and had a fabulous time enjoying the view and sunshine. Mandy set up her tent and ended up sleeping in it alone. The rest of the kids opted to sleep inside. Best camping ever.