Friday, January 23, 2015


It has been pouring rain for weeks now.  Weeks!  We went to the playground one day when the wind wasn't blowing the rain too terribly but mostly, we have been indoors trying not to go crazy.  Sometimes we succeed and sometimes we don't...

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

At Home.

I found these advent calendars when I was cleaning yesterday and gave them to Lyssa and Mags and told them they could eat them all but they had to do it in order.  Maggie ripped hers apart and shoved the chocolate in as fast as she could but Lyssa actually ate hers in order.  She had to ask me the order after she got to #20 but did great before that.  What a smartie!

Will, talking on the phone while sitting in an upside down foot stool.

Americone Dream...the best ice cream ever!!

Face Masks!

Lyssa's hair is getting long and looks super awesome in the mornings!


For our anniversary Donnie surprised me with a trip for me to see Rivka for a long weekend.  Some have said it's weird that his anniversary present was for us to be apart but I say it was so thoughtful of him to take care of the kids and give me a few days of laughter with my BFF!  Thanks Donnie!