Thursday, March 26, 2015

Mags and Will....again.

Maggie and Will never stop exploring.  Yesterday they explored water.  And Will explored bananas.  Today Will explored potty training (easiest done when naked) and wearing only boots and eating without clothes on.  Also, while I was taking YaYa out to the bathroom I had Melyssa spy on Maggie and Will because they were inside alone.  Melyssa came to me and said "Mom, they're ok, they're just getting some chocolate chips.  They'll only get a few."  I knew better.  I hurried inside and found them on the counter helping themselves.  I got to them Just in the nick of time...before they explored all of the chocolate chips!

Coming Home.

On the way home from Phoenix my plane was delayed.  The entire plane was loaded and then we sat and sat and sat.  Finally they had us get off the plane because they discovered that the brakes weren't testing properly.  While we were walking to a new gate to get on a different plane, I chatted with the pilot.  He told me that the weather would be sunny as we flew into Petersburg and that he would take us on the scenic route.  It was AMAZING!  We flew over the Stikine River and really close to the beautiful snow topped mountains.  Definitely worth the wait! Also, I flew first class because it used less air miles.  On one of the legs they brought me warm cookies on a plate and on the way home they gave me a hot breakfast.  I felt all sorts of famous.


On the way home from Phoenix I picked up a baby Malchi (maltese chihuaha mix) for myself.  Her name is YaYa and I love her!  The kids love her.  Donnie loves her.  We all LOVE her.  She is so small and sweet and funny and cute.

Girl's Weekend in Phoenix!

This past weekend Donnie made it possible for me to go to Phoenix for a girl's weekend.  It was SO much fun!  I also got to see Matt and Heather (but didn't take any picures with them, lame).  I love my friends.  And I love Matt and Heather and their sweet kids!  The first picture is of Mandy showing me that she is still teething.  Teething goes on forever!  The next few pictures are of things Maggie and Will did while I was trying to pack....