Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Duke and the Temple.

What an uplifting day!  We started out by walking around the Duke University campus.  In their library they have a Book of Mormon from the original printing.  We got to look at it, turn the pages, and read some of our favorite scriptures.  It was amazing to picture where the book had been and what Joseph Smith went through to get it printed.
We also really enjoyed the beautiful campus.  The architecture is awesome!  We even snuck in past the "closed practice" signs to take a picture in the basketball arena.

Our day ended at the Raleigh Temple.  Donnie was a missionary in the area when the temple was being built.  He even had the opportunity to hang all of the art in the temple.  He was transferred out of the area two weeks before the temple was built so this was his first time being able to do a session there.  We both really enjoyed our time!  We were able to do the temple work for 2 family members of mine which made it even more special.  Afterward we had burgers and shakes at Red Robin.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Atlantic Beach and New Bern.

First I will apologize...some of the pictures are out of order.  Blogger does not make it easy to move them around so they are just going to have to stay.

We had an amazing day yesterday.  We hit Atlantic Beach in the morning and the weather was SO nice that we ended up putting our swimsuits on and playing in the water a bit.  We both got a little sunburned, Donnie more than me, but we loved the sun and warm weather.

After we wrapped up we hit the Spot Grill and had their Pinerburger....a burger with chili, slaw, and barbecue on top, yum!  Then we went to New Bern, birth place of Pepsi, and walked around enjoying the cute town.

We crashed last night in Raleigh and found a fabulous Noodle House, really fabulous, called Dave's Dumplings and Noodle Bar.

I also found a cotton field to photograph and I might have grabbed a piece of cotton to bring home to show the kids.  It's amazing how it grows right there on the plant.  SO cool.

I've also notice that there are three things you can easily photograph in the south...Beautiful Churches, Water Towers (which I snapped through the car window along the drive), and abandoned buildings.  I haven't taken any pics of the abandoned buildings yet but there have been TONS.  Not sure why but there are empty commercial buildings and homes all over the place.  A little eerie but interesting at the same time.

A terrible pic of a water's very small and white just above the trees.