Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The turtle.

When Kenzie and I had our one on one we found a turtle at the park. He was so cute!

Missouri Tid-bits.

The Flower.

A few weeks back Will decided to stick a flower up his nose. And then he couldn't get it out. I'm not sure how long it was up there but it finally started to hurt him and he told me about it. So, we went to the urgent care and they took it out. And then he was on antibiotics for a few weeks because the infection it had caused. Funny kid!

Lyssa Date.

On my date with Lyssa we went Pokemon hunting in down town St. Charles.  So fun and the weather was phenomenal.


While Donnie was gone I also made a point to take the kids on dates.  When I went out Pokemon hunting with Little D we found the cutest little inchworm.


Another rainy friday so we stayed in doors except for the snack break when the clouds cleared for a bit.  We started off at the library, then to costco for samples and to scare Will with the witches.  Then we went to the mini zoo aka Petco, stopped at the grocery store for donuts and milk and then played at the mall for a few hours.  The rain won't get us down!


Donnie after he realized what happens to ivory soap in the microwave.