Thursday, June 16, 2016

St. Louis zoo.

We spent the morning at the zoo with Nanna before she hopped on her plane to go home. The St. Louis zoo is pretty awesome and admission is free. My favorite exhibit was the butterflies. Donnie's was the Penguins because they were swimming all over and the kids loved it. Mandy's favorite was the penguins. Mckenzie's was the Penguins. Little D's favorite was the monkeys. Lyssa's was the zebras. Maggie's favorite was the baby orangutan and Will's  favorite was "anything". I think that means he liked it all. 

It was HOT but we survived by drinking lots of water, enjoying the indoor exhibits, and getting some dippin dots. We will certainly go back soon!

Bus spa.

After all the driving we've done we had to wash the bus. It was a tad too big to go all the way into the washing bay so we had to do half at a time. Haha. 

The hotel.

Right now we are staying at the Drury Inn. They have free breakfast and dinner, an awesome pool, and free popcorn and soda in the evenings. We are anxious to get into a house but if we have to be in a hotel this is a good one. 

Sunday, June 12, 2016

St. Louis.

Donnie and I ventured into downtown St. Louis yesterday and got to see the Mississippi River for the first time and some really neat architecture. 

Road trip!

We started in Boise on Wednesday. We went through Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, and 4 days later are now in Missouri. What a drive!