Saturday, October 25, 2014

Last Two Days.

For the last two days of our trip we spent a day at UNC Chapel Hill and then a day with Christie and her kids.  UNC was beautiful.  The architecture was very different from Duke but I loved it.  Our time with Christie was spent thrift shopping, one of my favorite things to do, and chatting!  Donnie found a few more nice button up shirts and I got some pants.  We also ate at 5 Guys (my first time).  We loved this trip, getting to spend time with the Martinsons, getting to see Donnie's mission area, and getting to spend some much time in the sun!  We really want to come back and bring the kids some day.

Kara drew this picture of me!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Duke and the Temple.

What an uplifting day!  We started out by walking around the Duke University campus.  In their library they have a Book of Mormon from the original printing.  We got to look at it, turn the pages, and read some of our favorite scriptures.  It was amazing to picture where the book had been and what Joseph Smith went through to get it printed.
We also really enjoyed the beautiful campus.  The architecture is awesome!  We even snuck in past the "closed practice" signs to take a picture in the basketball arena.

Our day ended at the Raleigh Temple.  Donnie was a missionary in the area when the temple was being built.  He even had the opportunity to hang all of the art in the temple.  He was transferred out of the area two weeks before the temple was built so this was his first time being able to do a session there.  We both really enjoyed our time!  We were able to do the temple work for 2 family members of mine which made it even more special.  Afterward we had burgers and shakes at Red Robin.