Sunday, November 22, 2015

Big Kids.

Here are the fall pics of the Big Kids.  I finally got around to taking them.


For Mandy's 13th birthday Donnie and I decided to surprise her with a night out with some of her girl friends.  We told her we were going out to pick up pizza for her birthday dinner.  Instead, we went and picked up Ali, Jaden, and McKenzie, and then went back and surprised Mandy.  I then took the girls to Papa Bear's for pizza and breadsticks.  After, we went to the play, The Elves and the Shoemaker, that was going on at the high school.  Mandy was very excited that the boy she has a crush on, Isaiah, showed up and he came and sat by her.  After the play we went to my friend, Jessica's, house she painted all of our nails while we talked and ate chocolate.  It was a blast and Mandy was WAY surprised!


Melyssa LOVES to draw. Her is a portrait she did last week.


Some days Maggie and Will are extra curious.  On this particular one they got into Mandy's ink that she uses to dye scarves and put it all over themselves, the coat box in the mudroom, and their clothes.  Will's scalp is still died over a week later.  Maggie also got a hold of some scissors and cut her and Will's hair.  We ended up shaving Will's and Maggie just has some nice 80's swoop bangs now.

Maggie's Party.

Maggie had a birthday party with her friends at the gym.  We played in the bounce houses, opened presents, ate cupcakes, and hunted for plastic eggs filled with candy and toys.  She LOVED it!

Left to Right, Back Row: McKenzie, Sophia, Nathaniel, Seth, Victoria, Isabella, Sophia, Grace, Lydia
Front: Breanna, Maggie, McKenna, Will, Melyssa, Donnie, Grace, ViviAnn.


Last weekend Donnie had his last basketball game of the season.  I spent most of Saturday making rolls for a Luau and we got our first snow.