Sunday, November 16, 2014

Still busy.

This Saturday proved even busier than the last one.  We helped with the Salvation Army canned food drive, helped a woman in the branch move, Kenzie had a basketball game and then Donnie and I had meetings at church.  Thank goodness for a more relaxing Sunday with the kids!  And, we took a Branch picture today.  These are the fabulous people I go to church with!

I asked Kenzie to take a picture of me and this is what happened....I love it.  Also, I got a new haircut/color and I love that too.


I really enjoyed this song at church today.  Prayer is SO important!

Happy Third Mags!

We had so much fun celebrating Maggie's birthday.  Donnie had the day off because Maggie's birthday is also Veteran's day.  We did some grocery shopping in the morning and because bananas were on sale we bought a whole bunch, well, lot's of whole bunches, lol!  Some of them were teeny tiny and the kids thought that was pretty much the coolest thing ever.

Maggie got some money from grandma for her birthday so I took her to the toy store where she picked out a baby doll, a bat and ball, and a felt pizza.  Paige brought her a purse and fancy shoes and the Cabrals brought her a doctor kit.

For dinner we had the Cabrals over and Paige. We ate mashed potatoes and fried chicken and then instead of cake and ice cream we had cupcakes.  Maggie wanted sprinkles so she got to decorate her own cupcake with as many sprinkles as she wanted (and I got to eat mine without any sprinkles).

Happy Birthday Mags.  So glad you are part of your family!

Busy Weekends.

Our weekends are way too busy sometimes!  Last weekend Kenzie and I started the day with a 5k.  Kenzie ran it in 34:12 and my time was 30:02.  Kenzie took first place in her age group and won us our Thanksgiving dinner.  Yay!

Maggie and Will spent the day painting.

When we got back from the race Donnie taught Little D how to use a hammer.

In the afternoon Mandy and Kenzie had a basketball game!

When we got home from the game we found a bunch of feathers all over the porch.  Seems some animal used our porch as a picking post for it's meal.  Yikes!

On Sunday our friend Paige came over and made won-tons with us.  So yummy.

Will broke the waffle iron. :/

For family home evening we had a bonfire in the backyard.