Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Maggie went upstairs to get dressed and came down in a different pair of pajamas.  Oh well!  She wanted to play outside with Will and dig in the dirt.  Our yard doesn't really have any dirt, just moss and grass, so I found a bag of potting soil and dumped it in the kiddie pool so they could play in it.  They loved it, and got really dirty!

Lunch (with dirty hands)!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Last Week.

Maggie got to the butter...

Love finding the kids like this...

Maggie brought me a flower with one petal left!

Peanut butter and honey sandwiches for breakfast with a side of eggs.

A porcupine decided to climb a tree right behind the fence in our backyard.  I got a picture of him sauntering away after he'd climbed back down.  I did not know porcupines were such good climbers.

Maggie started painting on a piece of paper (can you find it in there?) and then just kept painting when the paper ran out.

Best Friends!!

More junk hiding on our street...

Will, just about to fall asleep for his afternoon nap.


Maggie crashes everywhere!

Will helps himself to treats occasionally.

Donnie and I took Kenzie and Donnie to Sandy Beach Park for most of the day on Saturday to help with a community race (which Kenzie ran) and then time the cross country meet with Donnie's fancy timing system for Parks n Rec.  Mandy stayed home with the other kids and had a tea party with them for lunch.

Saturday evening we splurged for icees with the kids!

Here are the pictures of Kenzie running her race, another 5k on the books.

The last two pictures are out at Blind River Rapids.  We've had some awesome weather lately!